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Once you’ve completed our Beginner series, surprise, you become Advanced Beginners!

The Advanced Beginner courses work just like all the Intermediate and Advanced courses at Honors. Each session stands on its own, completely independent from one another.

Please email the instructor the first time you wish to attend any of these classes.

Advanced Beginner Series Schedule

Beginning January 15th:
Tuesday 9:45 am with Ellen Friedman
Email ellenfriedman@gmail.com
Play of the Hand

Continuing January 9th:
Tuesday 6:45 pm with Barbara Bayone

Additional Bidding Tools
Weekly topics will start with Cue-Bidding.

Continuing January 9th:
Wednesday 9:45 am with Bonnie Gellas
Email bgellas1@gmail.com
Preemtive bidding, sacrificing, and scoring

Beginning January 9th:
Wednesday 6:30 pm with Yefim Shoykhet
Email yefim50@verizon.net
Slam Bidding
Geared for players with 0-50 master-points.

Continuing January10th:
Thursday 9:45 am with Jeff Hand
Honors' Basic Bidding Course
Geared for players with 0-50 master-points.

Advanced Beginner Classes are $35 per session. However you can purchase a packet of eight sessions for $225. The catch is that you must use them within a three month period.

Of course there is EASY PASS. EASY PASS saves you $20 each time you take an Advanced Beginner Class or a Supervised Play. If you are at the club more than once a week this is the way to go.
Click here for the full details of our EASY PASS program.