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About Us

   Honors is Manhattan's premier bridge club. It was founded in 1993 by Gail Greenberg and for the second year in a row is the largest bridge club in the country by far. To put our size in persepective, Honors offers more games just for the developing player, than 95% of the other bridge clubs in the country have games. 

    Our entry level Beginner 1 course is unique. It is limited to no more than six students per teacher. We have probably created more bridge players than anyone else in the country.

Honors Co-Presidents:

Scott Levine

Jeff Bayone, Managing Partner

Honors Teaching Faculty:

Gail GreenbergMarin MarinovEllen FriedmanEllen Waldman
Barbara BayoneTom NgJeff HearnBarbara Mcnair
Andrea HaymanJoseph ByrnesBonnie GellasDavid Yoon
Sherry Ann KavalerJess JurkovicJacqui MitchellGiorgia Botta
Alene FriedmanDavid LibchaberYefim ShoykhetIrina Levitina
Zeus Arias

Game Directors:

Head director: Aviv ShahafChris Huber
Yefim Shoykhet
Elliott GrubmanMarin MarinovPaul Kirby
Jeff HearnJames Southern
Kerry Kappel
Bonnie GellasChristopher RiveraOmer Ekinci
David LibchaberYoko Sobel
Zeus Arias
David YoonGiorgia Botta


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Mid Manhattan Location: 133 East 58th St. 14th Floor N.Y., N.Y. 10022 tele 212-230-1230