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About Us

   Honors is the premier bridge club in Manhattan and was founded in 1993 by Gail Greenberg. It is now the largest club in the country. We offer more games, for the developing player, than 95% of the the other bridge clubs in the country have games!  Our teaching program has been developed over a forty year period. Our beginner course is unique in that each class is strictly limited to four or five students per teacher. We have probably created more players than anyone else in the country. 

Honors Teaching Faculty:

Gail Greenberg.

Barbara Bayone.

Andrea Hayman. 

Sherry Ann Kavaler.

Alene Friedman.

Marin Marinov.

Tom Ng.

Joseph Byrnes.

Jess Jurkovic.

Christopher Rivera.

Ellen Friedman.

Jeff Hearn.

Bonnie Gellas.

Jacqui Mitchell.

Yefim Shoykhet.

Ellen Waldman.

Barbara Mcnair. 

David Yoon.

Game Directors:

  • Head director: Aviv Shahaf
  • Elliott Grubman
  • Jeff Hearn
  • Kerry Kappel
  • Paul Kirby
  • Irina Levitina
  • Marin Marinov
  • Paul Morris
  • Christopher Rivera
  • Omer Ekinci
  • Yefim Shoykhet


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Mid Manhattan Location: 133 East 58th St. 14th Floor N.Y., N.Y. 10022 tele 212-230-1230