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Beginner Courses

Complete Course- Eight Sessions... $225
"A Taste of Bridge"- The First Two Sessions plus the Beginner Book- $75

Starting Dates:

WEDNESDAY9:45 - 11:45Starts June 15th
SATURDAY9:45 - 11:45Starts June 11th
WEDNESDAY6:45- 8:45Starts June 22nd


Dear potential bridge student,

We teach bridge like it should be taught.
We never forget, first and foremost......It's a game!

We begin by playing "War."  It's the game you probably played as a child. Step by step we build on "War" until midway through the first session you find yourself playing bridge. By the end of that first session you will have a basic understanding of how tricks are won and lost and you'll be starting to bid and play without having memorized a thing!

After the six lessons and two practice sessions I can't promise that you will be a great player (sorry), but you will have an insight into what it takes to become one. And hopefully we will have passed on to you our love of this remarkable, exciting game.

Small, small, small classes.

Four, five, or, at most, six students to a teacher. No one comes close to that student to teacher ratio. In fact, because it requires four players to play, that's about as close to private lessons as you can get.

Also included are two supervised practice sessions which we hold several times a week. These group sessions are where you'll be meeting other players like yourself who are just starting out. You'll get to play for two hours, practice what you've learned, and get additional instruction. Each hand you play is carefully prepared to highlight principals taught in those first six lessons.

This combination of semi-private and group lessons works. 

We have an outstanding track record. A high percentage of our students go on to become players. Each week hundreds of our students play in one or more of our practice sessions and/or novice games.
In the past thirty some-odd years our club has probably created more bridge players than any other club in the country.
The classes are fun and the instruction is first rate. 

This I guarantee....
No one else in the city will do as good a job of getting you started as we do. No one.

Jeff Bayone

Our Beginner's Package: 

Our complete beginner's program, designed to have you playing in either our club practice sessions or on your own with family and friends, includes the following:

Six two-hour semi-private lessons.
(Except Saturday mornings which are four three-hour semi-private lessons).

Two two-hour supervised practice group sessions.
A great beginner book (mine).
Coffee, tea, and both heathy snacks and junk food.

The cost is...$225. A $75 deposit* is all that's required (we take all credit cards). 
(*After the first two sessions if for any reason you decide that bridge is not for you just let us know and you will not be billed for the remainder of the course.)

For more information or to reserve a spot in any of our upcoming courses: 
Call or email Jeff Bayone:

917 - 544 - 1224

Mid Manhattan Location: 133 East 58th St. 14th Floor N.Y., N.Y. 10022 tele 212-230-1230