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Honors Faculty

Andrea Hayman
   Andrea Hayman has been chairman of the teaching program since Honor’s founding in 1993. She says she doesn’t need her two law degrees (J.D. from NYU and L.L.M. from Columbia) to teach bridge but it doesn’t hurt either. She believes that while learning bridge can be hard breaking it down in logical steps makes it easier. Many of Honor’s regular duplicate players who have achieved life Master rank owe their start to classes with Andrea who has taught literally thousands of students over the years. Of course she still loves to play bridge competitively and has won many regional tournaments.

Gail Greenberg
   You can be sure that if it is bridge related, Gail is there. When it comes to competing at the highest level (representing the United States and winning five world championships and numerous National titles) or teaching bridge over the course of thirty years to hundreds of eager students in small and large classes, or to establishing two world class bridge clubs, (Hartes in White Plains and Honors here in Manhattan which attracts the largest table count of any club in the United States), Gail does it all. And she manages to accomplish this with a dedication to the highest standards of professionalism and with what at times is the most necessary of all attributes, a wonderful sense of humor.

Mike Kallman
   After graduating from the Columbia school of Architecture, Mike worked as an architect, designer, wood-worker, urban planner and painter having exhibited in a New York gallery. Cards were just a hobby to him until he encountered bridge. And he was a natural. Combining his high IQ, competitive nature, with his diversified creative talents made Mike an immediate winner. And when he turned to teaching bridge, his students became the winners as well.

Alene Friedman (in her own inimitable words)
About your teacher you want to know
Well lets have a brief “Alene” bio
For seven long years I lived in Asia
So, hoping I wouldn’t get aphasia
I took up bridge morning, noon, and night
And kept on playing ‘till I got it right
Teaching, directing and playing some more
And even representing Singapore.
I came home and again worked in Social Service.
Then turned fifty and got real nervous
Decided winning the lottery was truly reaching
So I resurrected my career of bridge teaching

Glenn Eisenstein
   This class represents Glenn’s debut as an Honors Teacher. Until now Glenn has limited his bridge talents to playing and winning many tournaments and teaching one on one. We are delighted that now he is ready to spread his knowledge to more then the lucky few. Welcome Glenn.

Marin Marinov
   Marin has been with Honors almost from its inception. Marin is no stranger to our duplicate players, as he is widely regarded as a top-of-the-line director. This term, in addition to directing, he will be showcasing his teaching talents for beginner students. Marin’s easy manner as well as bridge expertise combine to make him an excellent teacher having amassed quite a loyal following in the Tri State area.

Elliott and Ava Grubman

   Elliot has been a bridge teacher for about ten years and a director for a few decades. He is very experienced with one-on-one teaching as well as small groups, and recently he has been lecturing to large groups on cruise ships. Elliot’s bridge knowledge and teaching skill are respected by his peers and students alike.
   Ava has been teaching bridge for about ten years and is ACBL (TAP) certified. Like “hubby” she is experienced with one-on-one teaching and for the past three years has been teaching and directing a large group weekly at the Rockwood Park Senior Center in Howard Beach. She is a current member of the American Bridge Teacher Association.
   Aside from their credentials as teachers the Grubmans have also had success as players. In 2005 they realized their dream by winning a National Championship.

Greg Woods
   Has been teaching bridge On and Off since the late 70’s.
   Traded options on Amex Floor for 17 years.
   Has won numerous Regional Bridge Tournaments.
   Editor for a nationally syndicated bridge column.

Supervised Play Teachers

Jacqui Mitchell
   It would be impossible to list all of Jacquis accomplishments and talents when it comes to bridge. As a player she has won five World Championships, more national titles then she can remember and was selected into the Bridge Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed on very few. As a teacher she is beyond first class. Anyone who has ever attended her supervised play sessions raves about her ability to communicate, explain logically and her endless patience.

Jack Greenberg
   Combine an excellent knowledge of the game, an ability to express that knowledge clearly with much wit and you have Jacks credentials as a supervised play teacher. A retired Tax attorney Jack finds teaching bridge far less “taxing”.

Yefim Shoykhet

   Yefim has been a part of Honors for nine years. He is a Certified Teacher and a Club Director and has a lot of experience with one-on-one and small groups teaching. Even when he goes on vacations most of his vacation time is spent on cruise ships teaching and directing bridge.