Canasta At Honors
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Playing sessions for experienced canasta players:
We will have at least one or two house players each session to help set up games at the start of each session and fill in whenever needed.

Lunch will be served from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm before afternoon games. Dinner is served from 5:45 before evening games.
Fruit, frozen yogurt, all kinds of cakes and cookies, and coffee, tea. and soda will be available throughout the game.

6:00-9:00 pm
1:00- 4:00 pm
1:00- 4:00 pm $30
1:00- 4:00 pm $30

House rules:
1. Canasta can be played using different rules. If you bring your own game, you can use any rules you like. If you come needing to join a game, that game will be playing by Honors Canasta Rules. They can be seen here.
2. All levels of players are welcome. I've been getting calls like,"I played a lot years ago, but haven't played recently. I'm rusty and not sure of the new rules."  And "I have my own game on Wednesdays. Been playing for years. I'd just like to add a time or two." Very different skills sets I would suspect. 
Our staff of instructors and volunteers will be on hand to sort this out, making sure everyone plays at the "right" table..
Here's where you come in.
At least at the start we NEED you to make reservations. Emails only:
Please state that it is a canasta reservation. If you are coming as a complete table, all we'll need to know is which session you are booking. Otherwise, please state the session you want, the skill level you think you are, and the number of people in your party (1 - 3).

Supervised play:

Supervised Play With a Lesson Sessions:
These sessions are designed for our newer players and for those returning to the game after a long layoff and unsure of the new rules and of their game in general. There will be a lesson and play. The play will be supervised by an instructor and one or more experienced players volunteering their time....$35.
These sessions will all begin after, and take the place of, the July beginner courses.
These begin the week of July 23rd. The first two weeks will include a partial lesson before turning into supervised play as they will be continuations of earlier classes. Please make reservations for these sessions.

9:45-11:45 am $35
Evenings 6:45-8:45 pm $35
Thursdays Mornings
9:45-11:45 am $35

If you would like to register for any of these courses please email us at