Game Results
   Honors Canasta House Rules
1)     Declare scorekeeper and that person will cut the deck and give bottom half of deck to person to the left to deal out 13 cards in 4 piles from left to right.  The cutter will count out 8 cards from the bottom, turn the 9th and place the rest of the deck on top.  Person to dealer’s left will begin the game.
2)    After the initial meld and after discarding a card, the melder will take a talon. Four cards for the first person to meld and 3 for the next to meld to be used on the following turn. If you forget to take your talon, you may not take it later.
3)    After melding, a team may only add a wild card when there’s a base of 5 natural cards with a maximum of 2 wild cards.
4)    On your turn you must put any 3’s on the table and replace with another card.  If you forget to do so, on your next turn you must place on the table but may not replace the card.
5)    After melding, if you are entitled to get a talon, you need a card to discard.  You do not also need a card to hold. If melding takes place after the turn card, you are not entitled to a talon and therefore must have a card to throw AND a card to hold.
6)    If you meld and pick the pack at the same time you do not also get a talon.
7)    On the initial meld you may not close a mixed (dirty) canasta, but you may close a natural (clean) canasta which is 500 points and satisfies the  clean triple.
8)    On your turn you may look back in the discard pile 3 cards only.
9)    Special Hands must be made on the initial meld.  We will allow a “courtesy,” meaning that if your partner has melded and you are able to get a special hand on your very next turn, the special hand will count and end that round.  Special Hands allowed are the following:
         Pairs without wilds  (2500 points)
         Pairs with wilds; EITHER 2’s or Jokers (not both) with pairs of 7’s and aces    (2000 points)
         Garbage; no wild cards at all; 4 of a kind, 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind, 3 of a kind   (2000 points)
         Straight.  one of every card in your hand including a 3    (3000 points)
10)  We do not allow signaling for wild cards
Scoring Base

Mixed Canasta                                                                                                                       300

Natural Canasta                                                                                                                     500

Going Out First                                                                                                                      100

Ace or 7 Natural Canasta                                                                                                   2500

Ace or 7 Meld No Canasta                                                                                               -2500

Wild Card Canasta                                                                                                              2000

Wild Card Canasta 4 Jokers & 3 2’s                                                                                    2500

Wild Card Canasta  - All 2's                                                                                               3000

Ace or 7 Meld No Canasta                                                                                                -2500

With 1 Canasta 3’s have no value                                                                                          0

1 Three w/2 or more Canasta                                                                                                100

2 Threes of same color  w/2 or more Canasta                                                                    300

3 Threes of same color w/2 or more Canasta                                                                    500 

4 Threes of same color w/2 or more Canasta                                                                   1000

With no Canasta 3’s have the negative value they would with 2 or more Canastas

Card Count

Jokers                                                  50

2’s                                                        20

Aces                                                    20

4’s-7’s                                                   5

8’s -Kings                                           10

Initial Meld Requirements

0-2999                                                125

300-4999                                            155

500+                                                   180

Special Hands

Seven Pairs with No Joker, 2’s or 3’s                                                    2500

Seven Pairs with Wild Cards (2's or Jokers -not both)                       2000

Straight A,2-10, J, Q, K, A, Joker                                                           3000

Garbage  2 sets of 4 and 2 sets of 3 with no wild cards                     2000