Tuesday9:15 AM0-1500 Duplicate
Wednesday9:15 AM750 Duplicate & Discussion
Thursday9:15 AM750 Duplicate
Monday - Sunday 1:00 PMOpen Duplicates
(white, yellow, green sections)
Monday - Tuesday 1:00 PM750 Duplicate
Wednesday1:00 PM750 Duplicate
Thursday1:00 PM750 Duplicate
Friday1:00 PM750 Duplicate
Saturday/Sunday1:00 PM750 Duplicate
Wednesday1:00 PMNovice Duplicate
Thursday1:00 PM99er Duplicate
Sunday1:00 PMNovice Duplicate
Monday6:45 PMOpen Duplicate
Tuesday - Friday6:30 PMOpen Duplicates
Monday6:30 PMBridge Plus
Monday6:45 PM
Lecture at 6 PM
750 Duplicate
January 2015 Calendar

    Honors has a wide selection of duplicate games ranging in strength from novice through expert player.

OPEN GAMES: Open to all levels. White, Yellow, and Green sections.

THE "750" CLUB: Open to all players who have zero to as many as 750 master points, whether or not they have attained Life Master status.

"99er" GAMES: Open to all players who have zero to as many as 99 masterpoints. 49er game, same idea.

NOVICE GAMES: Open to all players with less than 20 master points even if they have never played tournament bridge in their lives.

    Please note that the Wednesday morning's Non-Lifemaster game has a lesson beforehand and plays about 14 hands per session. Thursday morning's Non-Lifemaster plays about 18 boards. Both morning games end around noon.

    Honors will attempt to help you find a partner if you don’t have one. We also have house players standing by especially for newcomers to the club.

    All our games include a complimentary lunch or light dinner

All our games have pre-duplicated boards with hand records and
analysis by "Deep Finesse"

Morning Games — $22
Tuesday Morning - $15
Mon-Fri Afternoon Games— $25
Sunday Open Game— $20
Saturday Open Game -
Saturday Limited Game - $15
Evening Games— $20



Mid Manhattan Location: 133 East 58th St. 14th Floor N.Y., N.Y. 10022 tele 212-230-1230