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Play a whole lot more for a whole lot less.
Our EASY PASS Program
For Newer  Players

EASY PASS is Honors frequent player program for newer players and for duplicate players with fewer than 20 Master Points.
If you already find yourself at the club two or more times a week consider EASY PASS.

Look at everything EASY PASS covers:
1.    $5 Supervised Plays ($27)
2.    $5 for Monday & Thursday 0-49 games ($28)

3.    $15 for all Advanced Beginner Classes ($35)
.    $15 for select Intermediate Classes ($35)
5.    $15 for Friday night wine & cheese seminars ($30)

Over 200 people have participated in our EASY PASS program.

EASY PASS  is just $130 a month.

Talk to Stephen or Jeff about becoming an EASY PASS card holder (212)230-1230.
For Duplicate Players

$5 Evening Duplicate Games
& Now Weekend 0-750 Afternoon Games

This is a $23 savings each time you play.

EVENING EASY PASS (EEP) is just $140 a month. This means that if you want to play duplicate more than one evening a week you should consider becoming an EEP card holder.
Talk with Stephen or Jeff about EVENING EASY PASS
EEP is not available for profesional players.

Monday: Open and 0-750 duplicates at 6:45 pm.
Tuesday: Open duplicates at 6:30 pm.
Wednesday: Open duplicates at 6:30 pm.
Thursday: Open and 0-750 duplicates at 6:30 pm.
Thursday's 0-750 duplicate game is at our sister club, Aces, on the West-side.
Friday: Open $150 prize pool duplicate game at 6:30 pm.
Saturday: 0-750 duplicate at 1 pm.
Sunday: 0-750 duplicate at 1 pm.
See Stephen in the office next time you are in the club to start ‘EASY PASS’.
Call us with any questions (212)230-1230.