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‘EASY PASS’ is Honors’ frequent play program designed for our new players with fewer than 20 master points. It’s intended to make it easier for you to practice and play more often.
If you already find yourself at the club about twice a week then
‘EASY PASS’ could be what you’re looking for.

‘EASY PASS’ now… $120 per month.

With our ‘EASY PASS’ card enjoy:
1.      Supervised plays are $5.
2.      0-20 Novice games are $5.
3.      All Advanced Beginner Series classes at $15 each.
4.      Friday night wine & cheese seminars… $10.
All this when you become a monthly ‘EASY PASS’ card holder.
@ $120 per month.

See Stephen in the office next time you are in the club to start ‘EASY PASS’.
Call us with any questions 212-230-1230.