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Honors Bridge Club's New Adult/Child Program
For all levels of adults and children

Honors Bridge Club is Hosting a rather unique Saturday morning program. 
If you are a bridge player, you know first and foremost, bridge is a partnership game. What this means is that, maybe for the first time outside your kitchen table, you will be participating, playing with your child and working together as a team building valuable social skills. Bridge is every bit as challenging as chess but adds this extra dimension. It is simply a fun and very social game.

Every Saturday morning Honors' very young (20's & 30's) staff will spend the first part of the morning's session working with your children while you will either be learning to play from scratch or joining in our regular Saturday morning social rubber style bridge game. After that everyone will come together for an hour or so of bridge playing fun. Yes, even after the first hour's lesson both of you will have the basic skills to be able to start playing together.

This is for children and adults of any or no bridge experience.
It is for children in grades 5-12 and for adults of any age range and level of schooling.

Saturday mornings from 10:00 till noon, starting April 7th...$40 per session. That's for one adult (parent, relative, etc.) and one child. Additional children are $25 each.

This includes breakfast starting at 9:30 am. You need not come to the first session or commit to coming in any particular pattern. You and your child can't "fall behind" because, right from the start, everyone coming will be at different levels and everyone will progress at their own rate.

We are at 133 East 58th Street, which is between Lexington and Park, closer to Lex. Come to the 14th floor for breakfast, 12th floor for bridge.

Honors is the largest bridge club in the country, maybe the world. We've probably taught more people to play bridge than anyone else. Each week we have hundreds of players at all levels in classes, over a thousand NewYorkers playing competitively, and a couple hundred in our very social rubber bridge gams.

Come join the fun. Bridge is quiet excitement.

For more information and to register, please email us at or call us at

A lifetime adventure awaits,
Yours truly,

Jeff Bayone