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Looking to play for a couple of hours?
Social bridge is just what it sounds like only better.
Thes sessions are between two and two and a half hours of old fashioned homestyle bridge.
Come with a friend or come by yourself we'll always be able to find you a partner.
We'll be sure to save a seat for you.
Breakfast or dinner is included in the price as well as coffee, cake, fruits, and frozen yogert are available durring every session.

And, if you need supervision or advice:
It is often a good idea to come to one of these sessions before joining a class, both to see what comes back and to find out what level course would work best for you.
If you're in one of our Beginner 2 or 3 classes these sessions are a good way to practice between classes.

Some practice sessions come with a short lesson. Monday afternoon session is for players with more than six months of experience.

Our Social and Supervised Bridge Schedule

Regular Price
With Easy

Mondays 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Alene Friedman 12th Floor $27
9:45 am - Noon
Jess Jurkovic 12th Floor$27 $5
Tuesdays 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Andrea Hayman 12th Floor$27 $5
9:45 am - Noon
Alene Friedman 14th Floor $27 $5
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Tom Ng 12th Floor$27 $5
9:45 am - Noon
Jacqui Mitchell 12th Floor$27 $5
9:45 am - Noon Jacqui Mitchell 14th Floor$27 $5
Sunday 10:00 am -  12:30 pm Marin Marinov
14th Floor
$20 $5

Our EASY PASS Program
For Newer  Players

EASY PASS is Honors frequent player program for newer players and for duplicate players with fewer than 20 Master Points.
If you already find yourself at the club two or more times a week consider EASY PASS.

Look at everything EASY PASS covers:
1.    $5 Supervised Plays ($27)
2.    $5 0-20 Novice & 0-49 games ($27)

3.    $15 Advanced Beginner classes ($35)
.    $15 for Yefim's Wednesday evening Two-Over-One comprehensive bidding classes ($35)
5.    $15 For Joe Byrnes Monday and Wednesday beginner-intermediate classes.
6.    $15 for Jeff Hand's Thursday morning play-of-the-hand classes ($35)
7.    $15 for Friday night wine & cheese seminars ($30)

Over 200 people have participated in our EASY PASS program since it started.

EASY PASS  is just $130 a month.

Talk to Stephen or Jeff about becoming an EASY PASS card holder (212)230-1230.